Once around and now you're gone
I am
S o m e o n e F r o m A f a r
rebecca. 19. bisexual. a need and fear for change. a creative mind, a need for attention.

♡ تحبني

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3 days later, about a hundred eyes rolls, and a million swear words I have finally finished my 16 page business plan and 17 page appendix. Now its time for bed.

I am the most stressed person in the history of the world. 

I cannot express the joy I felt when I found out Michael Wasley won againist Ding in the snooker. I now can enjoy another match full of Wasleys face. haha

feel as if no one is really going to bother for my birthday this year. might as well act as if its any other day to be honest. The only sign of any thought given is by myself , buying my own drink for my own birthday by myself. don’t I feel special. 

Michael Wesley on the snooker is absolutely breath taking. Such a pleasant view on the television. I’m so predictable. haha